About Us



We make creative clothes that care.

Our modular, versatile designs take the stress out of getting your little one dressed with mix and match elements you can switch in and out for ease or occasion.

Our unique system means that essentials like bibs and dummies can be easily and safely attached to your baby’s outfit, saving you valuable time and energy.

A subtle and stylish pastel colour palette allows the collection to be blended as your imagination desires. Your baby can go from play to party by simply popping off a bib and popping on a collar.

Unisex and built to last across generations, we only use 100% GOTS certified organic pima cotton that is kind to the environment and your child’s skin. Ethically sourced, exceptionally soft and incredibly durable.

GOTS certification means that no bleaches or chemical dyes are used in the production of our organic, super soft, sustainable clothing. Protecting our planet’s future and the people involved in the production of our clothing is a key part of everything we do.

Made for the modern child, designed with parents in mind.


About our founder


Before Pop My Way popped, our founder Sashe Christopher spent 6 years in a senior position within Buying and Merchandising at Burberry. Before that, she spent 15 years in the fashion industry for some iconic brands and also worked with numerous designer children's brands in the UK including Prada, Baby Dior and Roberto Cavalli.

A tricky pregnancy and birth of her daughter prompted Sashe to start thinking about ways to make the early days with new babies easier. Frustrated by nappy changes and feeds complicated by inflexible and impractical clothing, the idea of a simpler way was born.

Curious about where and how her daughter’s clothes were produced, she began to weave her other passion, sustainability, into the concept.

“I was born in Durban, South Africa at the time the country was segregated under apartheid. As a child of colour, I got to hear all the stories about what my parents, grandparents and others had to endure. I left South Africa when I was just 4 years old and moved from country to country every few years due to my father's career, but I made sure to never lose touch with my identity or heritage.

We came home to South Africa once a year, and initially, it was only happy memories that I took back with me. However, as I got older, I noticed the injustices and the massive divide between those who were privileged and those who had nothing. Importantly, I noticed what everyday people did with the little that they had. I saw the informal housing settlements that people built by themselves from scraps of metal, plastic bags or other throwaway items that they found.

Sustainability is a way of life in South Africa because people are forced to reuse and recycle as much as possible. Old clothes and leftover food are always welcomed by someone, and one man’s scrap is another man’s treasure. Bottles and cans are collected to be traded in for cash, and any usable material is used to build homes, toys, or ornamental items to be sold. This is so inspiring to see, and I want the world to know that my beautiful country is about so much more than violent crime – it is also about sustainability, ingenuity and innovation.

I started Pop My Way with these ideas of sustainability and innovation at the forefront of my mind. Unlike other brands who claim to be ‘sustainable’ just by using organic fabrics, Pop My Way’s entire supply chain is fully GOTS-certified, so everything from energy and water use, to hazardous chemicals /use of non-chemical dyes, to the social responsibility and wages the factory workers get paid is monitored and audited regularly. Our factory in Peru is GOTS-certified by Control Union (Licence No 866191).”

Pop My Way is a culmination of Sashe’s knowledge and experience in the fashion industry, and her ambition to create a transparent childrenswear brand that parents can trust.

One planet. One purpose. One Pop.